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maybe you are too forward and they think you are getting too close to fast.. Also they give you a cell number but never turn the phone on so you won't interrupt their dates (or so their girlfriend won't know they have chicks calling - learned that from my ex).most of the people on here that are looking for a relationship are the pushy type.. Players have numbers stashed everywhere for emergencies and they just generally are shifty little jerks. They evade all your questions, such as "How long was the last relationship, you were in?

On the other hand someone who is a bit more awkward and who doesn't fit perfectly what you are looking for, is probably not a player.that's right-how can a player sustain love as initially they weren't in it for love-the game they are playing is manipulative and conniving.

no profit=curtailment of my 'trips'- and would never join FORUM for that matter as his lies would caught up with him in the very short space of time. And my final bit of advice, players tend to be very smooth talking and tell you what you want to hear (honesty means nothing to them) so if the guy sounds to good to be true, he probably is.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Trust me, many women have seen the pic before yourself. Usually it's because it's his way of enticing women to send him naughty pics of themselves. If nude pics are being exchanged online you can bet that he's probably having cyber sex or phone sex with these women as well. Beware of this behavior especially when the two of your are supposedly an item or in a long distance relationship. Write a good profile that allows people to learn about you, and if you receive an email that sounds like the person didn't read your profile, the chances are that the person is a player who is sending the same email out to everyone.

It's a dead giveway.sometimes even the most loving, thoughtful, sweet guy is the BIG time, it's so hard for me to trust a guy i guess i shouldn't give up . Croixian quoted : First, a player isn't going to respect your wish that they don't contact you.

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A player is all talk, Your first tip off would be when you start to notice that they say all this stuff, and have never kept true to any of thier statements, that goes with all of them from what i have seen. I met a guy once that literally sought out the woman that were about to recieve inheritance disbursements-what a joke-but the real kicker is enjoying sex with out remorse of how it hurt the other that the sexist used.. try getting to know her..will learn real fast what they do.In fact your statement is like a challenge to them. I couldn't agree more...negative affirmations attract exactly what you do not want...i have seen many threads where the OP complains about "players" on their profile and hey presto...caps they declare...HOF Cambria's Four Star Cambria's Free Style Cambria's Grand Stand Cambria's Greta Garbo CH Cambria's High Style Cambria's Independence Cambria's Indian Outlaw Cambria's Latest Style Cambria's Legally Fawn Cambria's Liberty Bell Ch Cambria's Limited Edition Cambria's Liquid Assets Cambria's Luxor-Rudy Cambria's Ms Adventure Cambria's Mutual Fund CD MX MXJ MJB WAC Cambria's National Acclaim Cambria's National Anthem Cambria's National Highlight Cambria's National Past Time Cambria's National Spotlight CH Cambria's National Treasure CH Cambria's Naughty But Nice WAC, CA Cambria's Nearly Perfect Cambria's Never Say Never CA Cambria's Niblicks And ' Nickers NA OAJ NF Cambria's Nighthawk Ch Cambria's Notorious UD ROM GCH Cambria's Omen Ch Cambria's On A Rampage AKC Ch Cambria's Onstar Ch Cambria's Out For Justice Ch Cambria's Pandemonium Cambria's Parfait Amour Cambria's Philladelphia Cambria's Put Up Or Shut Up Ch Cambria's Quasar Ch Cambria's Quik Cash Ch Cambria's Rascal Flatts LC-12D Cambria's Red Queen CDX RN Cambria's Red Rock Line Ch Cambria's Remember Me Ch Cambria's Silver Certificate Cambria's Stars And Stripes Cambria's Trick Pony Cambria's Tropicana Cambria's Tuff Style Cambria's U Be The Judge Cambria's Ultimate Desire WAC Ch Cambria's Ultimate Risk Phil.GR CH Cambria's Ultimatum Cambria's Unforgettable (ptd) Cambria's Up The Ante Ch Cambria's Upper Cut Cambria's Utopia v Dixie Camelot's A Lone Thunder Camelots A Knights Tail Camelots Angel In Waiting Ch Carlon's Rockin' Robin LC-10D Ch Carly v Morr Carolon's Bold N Beautiful Carolon's Rich N Famous Carosel Aguilo Cash N Carry Can Ch Carosel Aguilo Quick Cash Ch Catawba's Kodachrome CD ROM Catawba's License To Thrill CD Ch Catawba's Mini Mink CD Char Lor's Sandstorm D' Mascus Altiplano Alisaton Ch D' Mascus Kalahari Alisaton Ch D' Mascus Painted Alisaton Ch D' Mascus Sahara Sun Alisaton Ch D' Mascus Thar Alisaton Danora's More Than Chance AKC / Int Ch Danora's Raise the Limit CGC CD TDI ROM HIT Ch Darwin's Bella Notte CD ROM Ch Darwin's Love Is a Song WAC Ch Darwin's Perfect Isn't Easy CD ROM LC-10 Ch Darwin's Wish Upon a Star Ch Deco's Half ' N Half v Legend U-AGI Ch Deco's Hot Fudge v Legend Ch Derbydobe Sunrise Careveille Diversha Sunkist Dixie Dream UDX VER RAE AXP AJP Diversha What's New Pussycat Phil.Ch A' Monde's Charlotte Fashion Statement Of Monaco CH A' Monde's Pierre Majestic Enchantment of Monaco Am GCH/Br/Pan American Ch A' Monde's Sand & Dunes of Sahara A' Monde's Sand Sheets of Kalahari CH.A' Monde's Stephanie Turmoil of Monaco Ch A' Monde's The Mystical Tibet ADAMAS Truth or Dare CD RE OA AXJ OF RATI RATO FMXTF-III SPJ W-FD-MF Adele v Morr Am/Can/Int'l Ch Aeolus' Arabian Knight WAC CGC TDI RN LC-11D Aggeler's Atlas Ch Aggeler's Cindirella TT Aguilo's Carosel Fast as Cash Am Can Ch Alex v Morr Am/Can/UDC Ch, OTCH Alisaton Aurora Borealis Sch H 1 UDX5 VCD-1 RN D-UD ASCA UD OB3 TR2 BH VCX ROM LC-13D Alisaton Ed Liner RN Ch Alisaton Ed of the Class Ch Alisaton Ed Over Heels CH Allure A-ok Alisaton Ch OTCH MACH3 Allure Absolute Alisaton Rojan UDX3 OM4 MXC MJC Ch Allure Afterglow Alisaton Rojan Ch Allure Alisaton Aristocrat Rojan Allure Alisaton Azure Rojan NAJ RATI RATO WAC Am/Can CH.and I am also a girl that goes places without my man.. which was almost fun at times running them off...sometimes barely being able to contain my laughter until they left. I can sure twist things around on them so they run off by themselvesinstead of me having to chase them off or getting upset about it. the most filthy lair and fake this side of the mississippi..was trying to play me... some aftersex, some money, some after even a womans kids. Players..quite a few hehe, one of the big indicators to me is the whole msn thing..always show up as's a nice trick so that you can still chat with the flavour of the week while the others think you are not there, lol.You need to be more trusting in your relationship.. I sure can now...after 2 years meeting guys from online dating sites. I mean if one of us is going to end up crying and upset.. so I told him I was broke and needed money..4 kids, no job... and it was the funniest thing to watch him not be able to use mefor anything. Another msn trick they do is to block you, but if you have an email of theirs still in your mailbox you can see if they are online or not!

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