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Dating gerber mark ii knife

It's a reliable, purpose built knife that holds a lot of regard and respect from me. I bought mine in early 1970s (1972) and still have it s# 029709 the leather sheath wore out at the top but not what holds the knife and sharpener. This thing saved my life when a guy tryed to stick me lucky I got to him first no need to tell the rest of the story . We couldn't find a replacement when he got out and he has always missed his. :) Only issue he has with it is that the snap on the back of the sheath (at the tip of the blade) broke when he went to unsnap it so we are trying to get a replacement. I can see why Marvel wanted your company to be a part of their film.I had taken this knife beyond the call of duty, even in salt water. after seeing the serial number I just had to look it up. Worn and scratched, but still a sharp, functioning blade. I absolutely love this knife but I was just informed that it is illegal to carry or transfer in California because it is concidered an assault dagger. Because I've taken it everywhere since I bought it. Definitely a piece that stands out during a photoshoot.I always felt the knife was not completely secure in the leather case so put a loop of shot line around it to insure I didn't drop it in the river. But, circumstances as they are today you never know when this handy instrument may again be called into service. Although my Marl 1 served me well, it was difficult, in that wet humid climate, to keep the blade free from rust. I could not find a mark I when I got home so I bought a Mark II. I'm proud to say it was a fearsome piece of gear when I was serving as an MP at Abu Ghraib.

I was given a Gerber Mark II as a Graduation Present and Commissioning as a U. Gerber Mark II carried along with an Issued Camillus Stainless Steel Pocket Knife during U. Military Teams to Iran Iraq Wars, CIA Operation Cyclone, etc. During the Vietnam War was issued a Camillus Survival Knife as U. Army Special Forces Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol and U. I bought my first one back in 1983 and carried it with me into the service and many war time deployments.

I traded the knife to a French Foreign Legion soldier for his Cape Blanc and have missed the knife ever since.

When I left the service I gave that one to a good friend of mine in the hopes it would be as useful to him as it was to me.

Picked up a 2nd one a couple of years ago and couldn't be happier. Bragg, NC and lost the 1 he had many years ago on a jump.

Picked up my first Mark II in the '70's, carried it in Vietnam, Korea, etc., then gave it to my oldest son serving in Special Forces. Purchased one in the late '80's and gave it to my #2 son when he joined the Corps and replaced it for my own use.

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Just gave that one to my Grandson after he graduated from basic in MCRD San Diego - guess I will have to get me yet another one... Sharpened to literally Razor Sharp, could shave hair off arm. Seriously, started thinking about buying a Gerber Mark II.

The classic features remain applicable on today’s battlefield – the double serrated blade for maximum piercing capabilities, the exaggerated bolster for confident grip, and the unmistakable 6.5” 420HC steel blade.

The Mark II isn’t just another tactical knife; it is a piece of history that you carry with you.

My father purchased the Mark I for me in May, 1967, serial number 1036 for . It is my primary fighting knife on my plate carrier. I carried this knife through Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom.

I carried it while at Dong Tam RVN supporting the river assault group. I bought my first one while in Naval Intelligence in the mid '70's and it served me well in a number of conditions. Price seemingly has doubled since my original purchase. It's by far the most reliable, durable knife I've ever owned.

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