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Dating genital herpes advice

If both of you get a blood test right away, it will indicate which HSV types (HSV-1 or HSV-2 or both) each of you has, accurate to up to 4 months prior to the time of testing.

If the test results for either of you come back negative for either HSV type, get retested 3-4 months after your partner’s initial onset of symptoms.

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This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions designed to help you explore and understand a few of the thorny issues that can come up in relationships as a result of one or both partners having herpes.

A: There are definitely steps you can take that will significantly reduce the risk of transmission.

However, both you and your partner should also be aware that there is no way to absolutely guarantee that transmission won’t take place (short of total abstinence from all sexual contact).

If you get a negative reaction from your partner, get some support from a trusted friend or herpes support group to help you through this.

Do things that reinforce who you are as a whole and worthwhile person.

In this case the person would be wise to see their doctor to find out if there may be other health concerns that should be looked into, which have changed how their body handles the herpes virus.

You can read more about asymptomatic viral shedding here. You have been sexually intimate with someone and you thought you took all the precautions, asked all the right questions and you felt confident that you weren’t putting yourself at risk for getting any STDs.

The blood tests can take up to 4 months (in very rare cases, up to 6 months) to return accurate results.

When someone has herpes asymptomatically, the sudden appearance of symptoms can be brought on by a time of very high or prolonged stress, a weakened immune system, general changes to their health and metabolism, or any number of other factors could tip the balance of their health.

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