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Dating for the sensitive man

Here are some of the issues women report: Hmmm, has your vision of a sensitive man lost some of its lustre?

The root of the problem Let’s revisit your last relationship for moment – the one with “Cement Man”.

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In fact, Aron’s research found that sensitive people tend to get more bored in marriages than non-sensitives.

According to Aron, one study found that sensitive people reacted more than non-sensitives when they saw photos of their loved ones being unhappy. But for highly sensitive people, fighting with a loved one can be torture.

Certain areas of their brain–related to empathy and the desire to do something–became active. Aron explained that when a disagreement arises, a battle begins in the sensitive person’s mind.

We tune in to body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice. Aron, author of the The Highly Sensitive Person, calls this remarkable ability “mate sensitivity.” Aron told the Huffington Post, “they not just in tune to what’s good for them but also what’s good for others.” This applies to non-romantic relationships as well. And who wouldn’t want a friend or partner who looks out for them?

We notice when someone’s mood changes–even slightly. We also use our powers of perception to notice what makes others happy. Interestingly, highly sensitive people do not just have an idea of how someone else feels.

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