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Dating for send thread

I might be able to see Denko from afar, while she’s distracted by the blossoms. Apparently Denko and some of her friends are going to see the cherry blossoms in Yoyogi Park tomorrow.

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She’s cute, and tidy, and kind, and though she’s a little timid, she tries hard when she wants to.

(´・ω・`) I think I’m being very faithful by going as far as paying to know more about Denko.

But I could use your advice to make sure I don’t do anything wrong…

I mean, she actually gave the time of day to OP despite him being bullied all his life and still being a creeper even in college.

Giving up at this point would be unthinkable, so I’m not thinking about it. Ignoring that this could be a complete troll, Denko’s a real good kid.

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