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Dating for artists

Heres the ideal place to search for that special someone who will not only understand you, but will also fuel your imagination with their own creative spark." Love Arts Looking for a site created for Arts Lovers?

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There’s even a Grindr-esque app that pairs performance artists with audiences.She was also included in the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art’s contemporary-art roundup, “State of the Art.” Like Siren, some of Lee’s previous works have also called on mythical references, like the 2012 operatic performance .Previous works also employed digital means to allow interaction between viewers and artworks, perhaps foretelling her predisposition to create an application meant to digitally foster connections between people.Join for free and take advantage of free email, chat, forums and more.Dating for Artists Dating For Artists is part of a large network of niche dating sites built specifically to match members based on their interests.If you are creative and you are interested in other creative people, then this is the site for you. Mojizu "A Contemporary Character Design Community." Ok, this site is just plain COOL.It's not so much a dating site, as a community of designers.Siren, named for the mythical beauties who lured sailors to shipwreck on rocky shores, was founded by Seattle artist Susie J.Lee, who has often created mixed-medium works that use technology to comment on connection and isolation.Music Passions Music Passions is a free dating site for singles with a love of music.Whether you are a musician, a musician wannabe, or just enjoy chatting with other music lovers, Music Passions is the site for you.

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