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They usually always answer but do not reciprocate the question, such as "I grew up north, YOURSELF? ( --- See Political Boards for long-winded diatribes )The goal of a dating site is to get dates and get OFF THE SITE. Get a phone number ASAP, and USE your phone AS a phone, and call to speak with your vocal chords, rather then send endless half-thoughts known as "texts". You'll need a more not-heard-so-many-times question when it's so short.

Abandon your quest for "proper" form in Dating Messages, and also in this Forum. If ask you about something, ie." Are you from these parts? I would ditch the "How was your weekend" -- you don't know them.

I would not write this in my profile but will readily concede it is an example of good bait if you want to catch something.

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Dating etiquettes women Free online chat room without rigestration with fuking girls

It's what I would expect a guy who's interested in meeting me IRL does. If you both click, there're plenty of opportunities to get to know each other later. Guys who could hold convos and ask me out early, would get to meet me. I agree with the ones who said stop wasting your time and theirs with useless questions and just ask them out.

Do your best to a least find someone who can communicate in more than two syllable words. " "How long have you been here" "How was your weekend". Only when it comes to some Holiday weekend I could understand, but still. Your opener could many times be 3 non-long sentences... ("I came across your profile as your smile caught my eye. Usually if they're not interested, they'll give you the shortest answer possible, and won't respond to your next.

They usually always answer but do not reciprocate the question, such as "I grew up north, YOURSELF? You're relying on Them to tell you a bunch of stuff, or for them to just "ping" back, which you can't complain. I like [what you said about (this) | (that thing) in one of your pics]. But if they are responding to your next, and they're just 3-worded responses, then you may just be sending her bland heard-it-before-blah one-sentence texts. It can be very frustrating, and I have adopted the following technique - I simply ask straight out, "Are you interested in meeting?

We can't say who's responding, but if you are getting two word answers, they are waiting for you to make the first move, if you pardon me for saying my second double entendre in this paragraph: whether it be trick or be treat - a unresolved question.

The rest of the profile is too detailed to hold the attention span of someone responding as you describe - do you see where I'm going with this?

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