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Dating during catholic annulment

It does not affect the legitimacy of children, property or inheritance rights, usage of names, etc.

Even though we wanted to wait for the results, we decided to book a venue 2 years ahead (hoping it was enough time for the annulment to get processed). But, if for some reason it was denied we had time to appeal and schedule a civil ceremony The annulment petitions had to be filed in the NYC tribunal because they were married in NY.

The first step he did was reach out to church X where he was married.

This is also a mandatory part of the process: to meet with a priest who signs off on the annulment petition before sending it in to the NYC tribunal.

My fiance says he did not feel like he was being judged and the priest was actually very helpful and hopeful for him. Fortunately he reached out to his ex-wife before starting the process and she said she was indifferent about the results but would cooperate if need be.

You are required to put down a minimun of 2 names (up to 5?

) of witnesses who have to go in to the NYC tribunal office to give their statements. I suggest you let people know beforehand so there is no surprises.He, his ex-wife, and witnesses got a notification in the mail within a month or 2. I understand this is the best possible scenario because all paperwork was handed in (nothing missing) and witneses/ex were cooperative.The testimonials were done 5-6 months into the process. Also, my fiance got called about halfway through the process saying the rest of the fees would be waived (so he only paid about half of what he agreed to).So, we booked the venue 2 years ahead and 15 months before the wedding we can go to the church of our choice and start pre-cana and set a date. I sincerely hope anyone going through this process does not feel hopeless. I know my fiance was hurt by having to relive some of his painful moments talking about it with complete strangers. The Catholic Church describes the Sacrament of Marriage as a “mutual gift of the two persons” which finds its clearest symbol in a covenant of faithful and forgiving love under the grace of God.I do not know how he answered these questions but I know they ask questions about before/when they met, their relationship before/during marriage, including questions about sexual activity and intent for kids.He filled them out as best he could and met with the priest of church X 1 or 2 times to review the questions.The borthers just happened to have their appointments on the same day as my fiance’s testimonial.The tribunal will not let the ex-wife/ex-husband schedule on the same day, so they never crossed paths.The nature of this covenant demands total fidelity on the part of the spouses and establishes an unbreakable bond between them.The Catholic Church teaches that every valid marriage is permanent and that a valid marriage between baptized persons is a sacrament.

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