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Found some other good stuff and took a cool tour of a old property too. Thanks again __________________ Garrett 2500 CZ-6 XLT Original Silver Sabre Tek G2 Tesoro Sidewinder ID Edge Tek 9000 Tek Delta Oldest coins 1855 French Dix Centimes 1871 IH 1877cc Seated Liberty Dime 1888 V Nickel I found one last week, they do have a lot of history.

Next I put my trusty 10 year old Thule bars on and strapped on my NDK kayak.

Then after a short day I hit the road, not forgetting a saw for Mr. The Alltrack made the long trip smoothly, thanks to a mid-day start.

Now it’s important to know, while saws and sharpening take up a good deal of my time, I also enjoy other hobbies including kayaking.

With all that was going on the week before this trip, I had considered forgoing traveling 500 miles with a 17’ fiberglass kayak on the roof. Not 20 minutes after pulling in, I was pushing off into the water for a quick trip across the bay to Seagull Island. We had one night of rain but otherwise low wind and calm conditions.

Now just to clarify, “camp” can mean different things in different regions of the US.

Near me we’d say shore house but in some areas a camp can be quite primitive which this was not.In the case of Disston, their replacement medallions were stamped Warranted Superior rather than "Disston." I would speculate their rationale was they didn't want their name on lesser-quality saws. I'd ask him for some quanitifiable or verifiable basis for his assertion.The rest of the weekend was just shear bliss: sun, good food, and fun conversation.Although we didn’t do any tool hunting once at the camp, Will ‘s mom is also a collector of many vintage things including tools, filling the house with many items to look at. Old Disston handsaws are highly desireable among collectors. Laying flat, about 2" deep, my Propointer showed me something big and square and I thought I finally found the treasure chest I was looking for! What I learned was that mine (as well as yours) was from saws produced from 18.My only excuse is we needed to stop for beer and wine.Driving the back roads of Maine is beautiful so losing time really is no trouble.Hey, I'll post pics ASAP but I just had an interesting first I was wondering about. Some smaller 19th century saw makers may have bought sawnuts and medallions from the bigger factories. Warranted Superior medallions are found on secondary lines manufactured by Disston and other major saw makers with other brand names on the etch.

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