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At least four tornadoes, one a February first on record in Massachusetts, tore through parts of the Northeast on February 25, 2017, also spawning damaging straight-line winds as far north as the Canadian border. Numerous reports of one-inch-diameter hail were received, and 1.5-inch-diameter hail was observed in Mc Bain, Michigan.Straight-line winds estimated to 95 mph collapsed farm buildings in Lancaster County, about 20 miles southeast of Washington D. Trees were downed by strong wind gusts, and 60-mph gusts were measured near Henryville, Indiana, and near Newark, Ohio, with a 61-mph gust recorded near Knoxville, Tennessee.

In all, roughly 170 reports of severe weather, mainly damaging winds and large hail, were reported to the National Weather Service from the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and Tennessee Valley on Feb. Friday into early Saturday, reports of damaging wind gusts and large hail stretched from Michigan to northern Georgia.

By late Saturday, a surge of damaging winds reached as far north as the Canadian/New York border.

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