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Dating beretta guns by serial number

Thus reads the unofficial slogan of Heckler & Koch, whose products I can only dream of owning…not just because they’re expensive, but because they won’t sell me the really neat stuff they make.

Since 1949, the good folks from Oberndorf have been supplying excellent firearms to just about any government willing to pay for them.

It also means that not only does H&K cold hammer forge their pistol barrels, but they also design them so that even if completely blocked (say, with dirt, mud, blood or the bullet from one of your friend’s handloads) you can still fire a round without the gun going grenade on you.

I’ve shot and handled a lot of different handguns and I can say without doubt that after setting the grip panels the way I liked, this pistol fit my hand better than anything else I’ve ever held.

With a fully loaded magazine, the balance was darned close to perfect.

H&K’s achievements are numerous, but since that’s not the point of the article, I’ll be brief; they have been tactical since before tactical was cool.

They revolutionized the use of plastics and polymers in firearms, popularized polygonal rifling, designed a rifle that didn’t need any of those silly brass casings, and still make everything from target pistols to heavy machine guns. You won’t find any blued steel or wood grips here, but I think she’s pretty in the same way a shark is.

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