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Dating at china

Economic liberalization had loosened restrictions for what could appear on the airwaves, but there was now the added pressure of turning a profit.

It took decisions about love and marriage from the private home to the very public domain of broadcast TV.

For Chinese romance, this was its own “great leap forward.” By the early 1990s, Chinese TV networks found themselves in fierce competition with one another.

It was essentially a singles ad broadcast before audience members, who, if interested, could contact the candidate for a date.

Despite all the limitations, the show was a groundbreaking depiction of courtship.

Right now, some parents in China seem to be stretching that pressure to its new extremes.

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In China, where marriage rates are quickly declining, anxious young men have found a new way to allay parents’ fears about their personal future: hire a fake partner.

Reuters reports that this strategy, which is begging to be adapted into a romantic comedy, has taken off through the ease of smartphone apps.

Date-finding services like Hire Me Plz have reported 700,000 users.

And for those who had little dating experience, it was a model for courtship; soon, the viewing public was able to reconceptualize ideas of love, relationships, and marriage.

At the same time, traditional courtship and marriage rituals were evaporating.

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