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Dating antique whiskey bottles

This is a remarkable beer that deserves to be studied on a long summer’s evening, possibly with a pile of steamed mussels to hand.

The result is this tart and softly acidic beer, grapefruit-like in its embrace, daubed with a soft sweetness and gifted with hints of sherry. Available uk •Revealed: the cheapest city to buy beer 6) Kernel Brewery, London Sour, 3.2% Kernel is one of the pioneers of the current craft beer boom in London.

Founded in 2009 by Evin O’Riordain, the brewery was initially known for its boldly hopped IPAs and pale ales and rich porters and stouts.

Based in East Anglia, Elgoods is a traditional family brewery, better known for golden ales, milds and bitters.

However, after an American visitor saw that they still had a coolship in situ and unused, he suggested that they make a lambic with it.

It’s very much a unique style for the area and few breweries outside have managed to get it right.

But Thornbridge, being the godfathers of the modern craft beer revolution in the UK, do, as their beer Sour Brown demonstrates.

This is a complex and charismatic beer that the brewery suggests is a winner if paired with fish and chips.

Available from 5) Elgoods Brewery, Coolship Lambic, 6.7% A coolship (or cooler) is an antique piece of brewing kit that brewers used to cool their beers in before the development of more sophisticated, electrically-driven equipment (though Belgian lambic brewers still use them).

Aged in Burgundy wine casks, with rhubarb, Morello cherries and raspberries added, it is a grand old master of a Flemish brown.

It’s tart, vinous, earthy, sour and sweet, fruity as in cherry, currant and plum-sweetness and all wrapped up in a cedar wood dryness.

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