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The Order limited the islands to which it related by reference to an area in the Pacific described by co-ordinates, and Niue, at 19.02 S., 169.55 W, lies within that area.

The New Zealand Parliament restored self-government in Niue with the 1974 constitution, following a referendum in 1974 in which Niueans had three options: independence, self-government or continuation as a New Zealand territory.

A British Protectorate was declared, but it remained short-lived.

Niue was brought within the boundaries of New Zealand on 11 June 1901 by the same Order and Proclamation as the Cook Islands.

The people from the village of Hakupu, although the last village to receive Christianity, came and asked for a "word of God"; hence, their village was renamed "Ha Kupu Atua" meaning "any word of God", or "Hakupu" for short.

In 1889 the chiefs and rulers of Niue, in a letter to Queen Victoria, asked her "to stretch out towards us your mighty hand, that Niue may hide herself in it and be safe".

Around 1700 the concept and practice of kingship appears to have originated through contact with the Tongans who settled around the 1600s.

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The first Europeans to sight Niue sailed under Captain James Cook in 1774.

The substance on their teeth was hulahula, a native red fe'i banana. The next notable European visitors represented the London Missionary Society; they arrived in 1846 on the Messenger of Peace.

After many years of trying to land a European missionary, a Niuean named Nukai Peniamina was taken Peniamina returned as a missionary with the help of Toimata Fakafitifonua.

He was finally allowed to land in Uluvehi Mutalau after a number of attempts in other villages had failed.

The chiefs of Mutalau village allowed him to land and assigned over 60 warriors to protect him day and night at the fort in Fupiu.

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