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Dating an antique bottle

Rare colors will also increase the value of a bottle.

Bottles were made in a variety of colors throughout history including: The most common bottle colors were clear and aqua.

Bottle collecting is also an important part of the equation for professionals like archeologists and educators of history.

Conversely, a flask found in the dark cobalt color could fetch thousands of dollars.

In addition to the rarity of the color in a glass bottle, the condition matters in the valuing of the bottle.

While they may not have been recognized as professional bottle collectors, the preservation of the bottles has allowed collectors of today to see a legitimate piece of history right in front of their eyes.

Collectors also put a lot of physical effort into expanding their collection.

There are a number of factors which makes certain bottles stand out above the others including the manufacturing date, typography used, the style of glassmaking used, glass colors, base types, and finishes.

There are a number of characteristics used to date a bottle.

Damaged includes bottles with large cracks or missing pieces. Bottle collectors have a number of defect categories for even the smallest issues including dings, hairline cracks, and bubbles.

There are a number of complex bottle terms used for the identification of bottle types.

Many collectors are attracted to the world of bottles due to the clues they hold about the past.

There are also avid collectors who can turn a sizeable profit on the selling or auctioning of their collection.

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