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This time her family raised money on Go Fund Me to send her to Bella Monte, a rehab facility in California, at a cost of ,000 a month. Her enthusiasm is so promising and yet, after months of reporting on the drug epidemic, I find it hard to ignore the red flags that come up in our conversations: She’s been “chilling” with a boy she met in rehab (a recovery no-no), and they’ve decided to pick up and drive to Fresno, California, even though the plan was for Chayce to go to a sober house. I don’t know how to stay hopeful and also be prepared.

When I first speak to Chayce this spring, she has just graduated after spending 80 days there. All I can do is focus on loving her regardless.”Will Chayce make it?

She had a son that she loved very much, but she got tied up with a guy that was no good, and started using for five or six years.

I want her to be remembered as the mom, daughter, and sister she was. I know [she] never meant to die—but her addiction just spun out of control.” —Cassidy Cochran, 22, Birmingham, AL | Died November 11, 2016“Cassidy's dream was to follow in her mother's footsteps and forge a career in acting. She was outgoing and fun-loving, and always the life of the party.

She was so vivacious and so alive.” —Branwyn Kenney, 22, Colorado Springs, CO | Died March 3, 2017“One of [Branwyn's] college assignments was to write her own obituary. She probably went to rehab 10 or 12 times in the last three years of her life, but the drugs took control of her.” —Destiny Rose Falls, 20, Philadelphia, PA | Died December 17, 2016“Destiny was bright, and she would go out of her way to make people happy.

Shanda had a huge soft spot for children; not just her own, but she adored her niece and nephew too.

She loved her children and would have been a great mother if she could have beaten addiction.” —Aaliyah Kenekham, 21, Richmond, IN | Died December 21, 2016“I don't want my daughter to be defined by her addiction or mental illness.

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