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Most impressively, these places were described with complete accuracy, and this attention to detail informs the entire book.

Since writing my review, I've looked at other reviews and noticed this book is very divisive - it seems to be the bleakness and the shortcomings of many of the characters which alienate some readers.

This would probably make it a great choice for a book group.

So much so that at its peak around 16 million people in the UK were signed up to online dating sites. We understand the problems with dating sites and the stress that comes with them.

In more recent times however the downsides of online dating sites have rapidly become clear and as a consequence, many people may well be fearful of exposing themselves to such a concept, as online dating crime has become one of the few categories of crime in the UK that is expanding and many of us would not now be prepared to take that sort of risk.

‘London and the South-East’ is one of the most relatable books I’ve ever read.

This sense of realism was further enhanced by my own familiarity with many of the streets and venues that appear in the book.

I have chosen it for my own book group so I will find out and perhaps update this review. As other reviewers have noted this is in an unflinchingly bleak, depressing but also very funny novel about mid-life disappointment and emotional disintegration.

It is also a “London novel” and a social document, providing an insight into the grey, soul destroying professional lives endured by the majority of the city’s commuter population.

You find yourself feeling very sorry for our main character, Paul Rainey.

Can you imagine a career in telemarketing sales for a magazine which, sadly, is only subscribed to by the advertisers.

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