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If you are a member of HSLDA and would like additional details, please contact us.

If you want to start homeschooling during the school year and your child is currently enrolled in a public or private school, HSLDA recommends that you formally withdraw your child from that school.

If your child has never attended public or private school, this requirement does not apply.

report to the Louisiana Department of Education your home-based private school’s total attendance as of the 30th day of your school term.

However, even if your child is beyond compulsory school attendance age, there may be situations where you would want to continue to follow the requirements of a home education option recognized under Louisiana law until your child graduates from high school (filing a home education notice, keeping attendance and other records, etc.).

These records may be requested in some situations, such as obtaining a driver's license if your child is a minor, enlisting in the military, applying to colleges, or demonstrating eligibility for Social Security benefits.

This includes teaching the Declaration of Independence in elementary school and Evidence of immunization for meningococcal disease must be provided when your child is 11 years old to the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, unless you have a waiver for religious, medical, or personal reasons.

Your annual application renewal will be approved if you submit satisfactory evidence that your program has in fact offered a sustained curriculum of quality that is equal to what is taught in the public schools at the same grade level.If you are an HSLDA member and have any questions about the withdrawal procedure, please contact our Legal Department.A form for this notice is available to HSLDA members on our website.After choosing one of the following options, follow the listed steps.Homeschooling as a home study program: thereafter by October 1 of the school year or 12 months after initial approval, whichever is later.Local schools may have specific forms or withdrawal procedures.HSLDA members are eligible to receive individualized advice about whether complying with those procedures is advisable or required.Children from the ages of 7 to 18 must attend school or be in compliance with Louisiana’s homeschool law.HSLDA believes that a parent-issued diploma and transcript should be sufficient to demonstrate that a child has completed a secondary education.These records should include attendance records, information on the textbooks and workbooks your student used, samples of your student’s schoolwork, correspondence with school officials, portfolios and test results, and any other documents showing that your child is receiving an appropriate education in compliance with the law.You should maintain these records for at least two years.

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