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How could I contemplate being someone’s girlfriend when I still felt like someone else’s faithful wife?

When — or if — to seek new love after being widowed remains one of life’s taboos.

Thankfully, Sue stepped in and gently coaxed me towards a second date.

Friends and family were overjoyed, including Graham’s father, who, tragically, had been widowed just a few months after his son’s death, and had found someone new.After all, when is the right time to think about starting anew, if ever, when your spouse has died? I tried to imagine if our situations were reversed. Come the autumn a single neighbour persuaded me to join an internet dating site and took me to a couple of speed dating events, which was a real eye-opener.Would I have wanted this lively, 31-year-old man to be mired in grief for ever? But the moment I mentioned I was a widow, any male interest waned as fast as my feelings of guilt grew.Peg shares her apartment with Mac (Marie Wilson), a show girl who has just returned from entertaining the troops.The site has more than 30 million members and sees over 13.5 million visitors a month.But then, eight months later, on August 15, 2007, Graham died, and with him all of those hopes and dreams.He’d had flu-like symptoms for a few days and when I got home from a yoga class that Wednesday evening he was laying on the sofa complaining of a strange sensation in his heart.But the happier I’ve become over the years, the more guilty I’ve felt about Graham.We met in late 1996 while I was studying zoology and natural sciences at Cambridge University, and he was doing a maths and computing degree in Bristol.Here, you’ll find more people who can relate to and/or understand what you’ve been through than on any other dating site.Love Begins is a dating site for over-40s that’s committed to making all our users feel welcome, happy and above all comfortable in their dating experiences.

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