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Wartime restrictions on resources, however, caused Parker to change the material of which it made the filler; in or , the threaded collar that secures the filler into the pen became plastic.Later, the tapered collar that presses the diaphragm into the seat also became plastic, with an aluminum tube liner for strength.

Most pens have aluminum tubes, but some of the earlier ones have chrome-plated steel.The Blue Diamond clip looks like the Star clip except that the star has been replaced by a blue-enameled diamond.The Plain Diamond clip: In about , in response to a ruling by the U.Many collectors like to know when their pens were made.Beginning in the Vacumatic era, Parker pens bore date codes on their barrels.In , Parker redesigned the filling mechanism so that the plunger does not lock in the depressed position.This change made the filler quicker and easier to use.Federal Trade Commission, Parker began shipping pens bearing clips that still bore the diamond design but without the blue enameling.The jeweled blind cap was also discontinued in ; this very visible change resulted from the wartime need to conserve critical war resources.The metal tassie into which the jewel was set was made of brass.Thereafter, only streamlined blind caps were produced for the Vacumatic and Duofold product lines.

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