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Dating a girl with add

If she has insight into her impulsive tendencies, she and her family can plan to have “time out” periods when arguments become heated.Women may discover that AD/HD has its positive side.A woman prone to impulsive temper outbursts may have difficulty disciplining her children.

Sometimes, marriage between a spouse with AD/HD and a non-AD/HD partner, may work well.

The husband may provide stability, structure and organizational skills.

Both members of the couple are lulled into the belief that the diagnosis and the medication will be a panacea.

Her husband may despair or even leave the relationship when old patterns and behaviors re-emerge.

A woman with difficulty maintaining divided attention may blow up when her children start asking for things while she is trying to fix dinner.

She may have difficulty providing the structure her children need to help contain their own ADD.The AD/HD may be an explanation, but no one should use it as an excuse.Instead, understanding your strengths and weaknesses can help you develop creative coping strategies.The roles of wife and mother add new dimensions of complexity to daily life of a woman with AD/HD.In our society, women often bear more of the responsibility for maintaining the household and raising the children.The woman may feel as if she has finally found someone on her own wavelength.However, when the couple encounters complex family demands, they may need outside help to stabilizing their lives. The non-ADD husband may misinterpret his wife’s disorganization and procrastination as deliberate offences.Women are more likely to internalize: to blame themselves and to become depressed.Inattentive or impulsive girls often feel that “something” is wrong with them.We expect the homemaker to provide organization and structure for the rest of the family members. Some women may feel overwhelmed at the sheer number of tasks in the home.Office jobs often have specific schedules and clear job descriptions. It may be difficult to break down and prioritize tasks.

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