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Dating a former priest

Joseph and my mother were my only visitors to the hospital as the other nuns would attend to me at the mission house.There he brought me a surprising gift, a tiny acrylic pendant holding a mustard seed, inscribed on the back “If you have faith as small as this mustard seed, it shall be granted to you.” I thought he was encouraging me to be fearless, to leave if I so decided.

The night he played guitar for a group of religious, I thought I was in love, at least for the moment.

That music, his amusing conversations and his seductive looks were just too attractive.

Knowing him was like a training course for facing the unpredictability of my future life.

I made his acquaintance during lunch hours in the Saint Louis University cafeteria.

in Cass County has been arrested in the Philippines and extradited to the United States.

The charges, filed against Fernando Laude Sayasaya in Cass County District Court in December 2002, allege the offenses took place between July …Walt Mc Kee, an attorney for James Francis Talbot, 80, said his client posted bail in the amount of ,000 cash.

I saw a face the other night That set the room in light And there was something in the eyes That made my shadows realize How cold is loneliness and dark –And what is anguish for?

I had a dream the other night Of stories that don’t end Of blossoms hiding a child from harm The child was sleeping in my arm I woke to find the fog roll in. This is not, of course, typical convent fare, but this was the Sixties, awash with changes everywhere, including new attitudes toward celibacy, religion and love. An agony of growth is occurring within these priests and religious who have felt their own true depths sounded by the unbidden entrance of real love into their lives.” So it happened that I wrote this poem, testing myself, raising the question of whether I was feeling the “unbidden entrance” of real love into my life.

He was coming to see his own charm and lovableness.

I was only a listener, an ear, or a viewing screen that he used to see himself and his world as he liked to picture them.

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