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But to do so, they must exploit everything they know about their opponents.

On average, a healthy bitch comes into season every six months.

However, this can vary, and some bitches only cycle once a year while others come into season on a quarterly basis.

After Brooke explained how a challenge works, the players will vote for the one who is most likely to fail.

The player with the most votes must face that challenge.

Before the show, six players spent a day together in a training camp.

On the show, the six players will be shown a challenge.In the beginning stages, known as proestrus, a bitch's vulva begins to swell, and you may notice her licking herself more than usual.Male dogs will also begin sniffing her more as her hormones begin to produce a scent that signals she is becoming ready to breed.However a little direction may be required if one or both of the dogs involved have never been bred before.Typically, the male dog will become very excited when introduced to a receptive bitch, sniffing and licking at her vulva.OPENING SPIEL: Brooke Burns: “Hello, and welcome to Dog Eat Dog.Any of our contestants could leave the studio tonight with ,000.The first heat cycle typically takes place between six and nine months old, but breeds that mature more slowly may not experience a first heat until twelve to eighteen months of age.A normal heat cycle lasts approximately three weeks.Think of it as getting to know your least what they chosen to reveal!” (Season 2) Dog Eat Dog was a short-lived stunt and dare show that was loosely based on the British series of the same name, where people perform zany stunts to avoid being sent to "The Dog Pound" and trying to win ,000.

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