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Creative and inexpensive dating for married couples

Read: 10 worthwhile stay-at-home date ideas Here are some inexpensive date ideas I want to share. Sometimes it’s fun just to see what your partner would choose for you.

To help her shake things up in her relationship, Tara called upon her close friends, who were also married women.

She suggested they each contribute to a blog where they would take turns posting a unique date suggestion every Monday.

In the coming months, the Dating Divas will be launching their own app to better keep up with couples on the go.

“The Dating Divas mission is to celebrate the gift of marriage while inspiring others to do the same,” Melissa Hunt, Assistant Site Director for the Dating Divas, told us.

Her friends jumped on board, excited to try out some fun and wacky date ideas.

Soon word spread about Tara’s dating project, and the website gained traction among wives and husbands looking for some DIY fun. Over time, Tara expanded the site’s down-to-earth dating services to include an assortment of suggestions, programs, and products intended to revitalize the love lives of married couples.

Find somewhere pretty to walk around and do it together. Check your city for local concerts or events that may be inexpensive 10. Go on a drive together It won’t be free since gas is still rather expensive but sometimes it’s nice to go on a drive. Go get a cup of coffee at a coffee shop together 15 . Take a class together Dancing, art, cooking something.

Make it a game night Break out a board game and play a game together. Have a video game competition This one my husband would love for us to do. My husband and I always have nice talks on a car ride. Have a spa day at home Take a bath together if you have a large enough tub, give each other back massages with oil or lotion. Take a tour of a nearby landmark You both could learn something about a place together. Go walk around Ikea or another home furnishing store together and imagine how you would decorate a home. Look through old photos or videos together This is especially fun if you’ve been together a long time and when you have a child.

Read a book out loud together, each taking turns reading 47. source: This article was originally published on Karissa Ancell’s blog, A Fresh Start.

I tried to include outdoor ideas, indoor ideas, sporty ideas, food ideas, etc., to give everyone some new choices since we all wouldn’t enjoy the same type.

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