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A doctor suffered liver and lung damage, and bone necrosis. One hypothesis was that Ramirez, who had had cervical cancer, had taken a cocktail of medicines that combined to make an insecticide (organophospate) but tests yielded no clue.In April 1997, a turkey hunter in Yellowwood State Forest, Indiana, came upon a huge sandstone boulder wedged between three branches of an oak tree about 35 feet from the ground.The arrow shaped rock was estimated to weight 500lb.

In October 1975 Mrs Lynn Connolly was hanging washing in her garden in the Quadrant, Hull, when she felt a sharp tap on the top of her head.

It was caused by a small silver notecase, 63mm by 36.5mm, hinged, containing a used notepad with 13 sheets left.

It turned out that the crash had actually happened five months earlier when the driver, Christopher Chandler, had been reported missing by his brother.

Am irregular shaped hole, about 10ft by 7ft with 2ft vertical sides, was found on a remote farm near Grand Coulee, Washington State, in October 1984. ‘Dribblings’ of earth and stones led to a three-ton grass-covered earth divot 75 ft away.

The voices told her to ask for a scan as she had a brain tumour and her brain stem was inflamed.

Though she had no symptoms, a scan was eventually arranged and she did indeed have a tumour.Changing planes at Las Palmas airport in the Canary Islands, he bought a postcard showing holidaymakers on Margate Beach, Natal, and sent it to Muriel.It was she who noticed that the photograph showed her father walking up the beach.Emergency room staff were felled by ‘fumes’ when a blood sample was taken.A strange oily sheen on the woman’s skin and unexplained white crystals in her blood were reported.While on holiday a woman, referred to by the British Medical Journal (1997) as AB, heard two voices in her head telling her to return home immediately.Back in London the voices gave her an address that turned out to be a hospital’s brain scan department.This is called Objective Tinnitus and the cause is still largely a matter of debate.A nine-year old Chinese girl was playing in Songjian near Shanghai, in July 1992 when she was carried off by a whirlwind and deposited unhurt in a treetop almost two miles away.Although the government has spent millions of dollars in research, no one knows what the goo is and where it comes from, or how to get rid of it.It first appeared in 1987 on the road from Caracas to the airport, covering 50 yards, and spread inexorably every year.

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