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A Craigslist spokeswoman said Thursday that criminal acts are rare at the site compared with the overwhelming amount of legal activity.

The federal lawsuit filed by Dart's office claims that Craigslist's is a powerful marketing tool for pimps and prostitutes and makes it easier for criminals to elude police.Craigslist and the police Over the years, police have found that Craigslist's erotic services ads can actually be useful when pursuing criminal investigations. In July 2006, Detective Brad Conners of the Santa Rosa, Calif., police department posted multiple messages on the local Craigslist site posing as women offering erotic services.A 2007 article in the New York Times reported that a covert police ad on Craigslist in November by Seattle police led to the arrests of 71 men, including a bank officer, a construction worker and a surgeon. One ad Conners posted as "Emily" offered oral sex for 0.Our people on the street have seen the volume increase. Dart described the many juveniles arrested when police followed up on suspicious Craigslist ads."We arrested numerous juveniles over the last two years," Dart said. You'll have to pay more but we have her for you.'" At the same time, however, this is a story that underscores how one of the world's newest technologies has become a vital part of one of the world's oldest occupations."What we found is that they weren't advertised as juveniles in most of them. For the majority of Craigslist users--the millions who sell sofas, rent rooms, or find Spanish tutors every day--a steamy online brothel juxtaposed with Craigslist's plain-wrap classified pages may seem unlikely.But with the emergence of the Internet as a vital communications medium, it was only a matter of time before sex for hire infiltrated the listings on Craigslist as well.She was Gordon Goodrow, an investigator with the state Attorney General''s office. And the man, Kenneth Rex Church, 42, of the 100 block of Coventry at Waterford, wound up being charged with having unlawful contact with minors and criminal use of a communication facility.According to a criminal complaint filed this week in the case, Church exchanged text messages with the agent posing as the girl, referencing sexual acts and at one point, sending her several photos of his genitalia.An ad he posted from a woman named "Summer" drew a response from a 39-year-old man named Christopher Scarberry, who used the e-mail address [email protected] after learning that "Summer" was 13 years old, he agreed to meet her at a parking garage and said he would be driving a white Chevrolet Corsica.

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