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The new City Hall is near the corner of Sample Road and University Drive — part of an area long planned to be a future downtown.

The opening is coming on the heels of the first major project proposal of residential and commercial in the area.

There is no shortage of things to do in Miami- indoors or outdoors.

Inland to the west the area sprawls with low to mid-sized commercial buildings and housing, until ending abruptly at the Everglades.

Wealthy retirees and others escaping the northeast winters have established themselves on Miami Beach, the high-rise-studded barrier island to the east, or to Coral Gables and Kendall just to the south.

Sea breezes from the east and southeast may cause year-round temperature differences of 15 degrees or more from inland locations.

Freezing conditions occur occasionally in the western suburbs.

Water and beach recreation are superb, and Latin-accented nightlife goes on everywhere. There is a good assortment of museums and performing-arts amenities.

Air service is excellent everywhere particularly to international destinations.

There are conference rooms for the public to borrow for a fee.

There’s three times the seating space for public meetings.

Miami has always been the commercial and cultural center for Florida and the nearby Caribbean, but in the past 30 years it has emerged as a world-class international hub and a gateway for all of Latin America.

In many ways it serves as the central logistical and cultural hub of the entire Western Hemisphere.

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