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Consolidating loans and bills

In addition, your new mortgage interest rate is typically lower than the interest rates on your credit card accounts.

To decide if debt consolidation makes sense for you, think about these nine points.1.

Debt consolidation works best for those who are able to pay their bills.

However, this option could cause you to risk losing your home if you are unable to make payments.4. A popular way to consolidate credit card debt is to transfer debt to a zero- or low-interest credit card offer. Keep in mind that this rate will increase if you miss a payment or are late.

Most importantly, do not continue to charge on credit cards once you have consolidated your debt.

Also, make sure you’ll be able to afford the new payments on your new mortgage.

To see how much you can afford, check out our mortgage calculator.

Always remember to be sure you shop and compare fees.

Request quotes from several companies, and you will find out what what the going rate is to consolidate bills.

Underwriting standards have become more stringent over the past few years on cash-out refinancings.

Talk to one of our home loan experts or call us at (941) 405-1412 to see if this form of home loan refinancing is right for you.

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