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Computation by asynchronously updating cellular automata

He is best known for his research on Nanocomputing, Asynchronous systems, Cellular automaton, Reconfigurable hardware and Instantaneous Noise-based logic.His research goals are to develop next-generation computing and communication architectures and also schemes enhanced by Nanotechnology and Nanoelectronics including single-electron transistors.

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Ferdinand Peper (born 1961) is a Dutch theoretical computer scientist.

These elements pass information by means of charge packets (tokens), rather than voltages. As information technologies scale down in device size and up in system complexity, their computational and physical descriptions converge as the number of information-bearing degrees of freedom becomes comparable to the number of physical ones.

Each cell is self-timed, and cells that are configured as interconnect perform at propagation delay speeds, so no hardware non-local connections are needed. It is already possible to store data in atomic nuclei and to use electron bonds as logical gates [N. Chuang, “Bulk Spin Resonance Quantum Computation”, Science (275), pp. In such a computer, the information-bearing degrees of freedom are the same as the physical ones, and it is no longer feasible to account for them independently.

The configurations in which cells are organized according to their neighborhoods can move around in space, following simple mechanical laws.

We prove computational universality of this model by simulating a circuit consisting of asynchronously timed circuit modules.

However, faster modern building blocks (smaller transistors, improved logic families, and other emerging technologies) have outpaced the rate that data can be fetched from memory.

The operating speeds of many modern computers are beyond even the relativistic limits for data to be retrieved from an arbitrary location in a single cycle.

Though the regular and fixed structure of cellular automata greatly contributes to their simplicity, it imposes a strict limitation on the applications that can be modeled by them.

This paper proposes that can dynamically interact with a varying set of other cells under the control of transition rules.

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