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Photo by Liz Clayton for Attending the World Barista Championships each year is always exciting, but it's even more so when the annual contest is held in the United States.

The WBC being in Seattle this year was an exceptional privilege for everyone in the US, as it was the first time it has happened on our shores since Atlanta in 2009.

On the topic of sexual harassment, I heard stories from men as well as women about being made to feel uncomfortable in workplace situations and at coffee-related events.

There is no excuse for harassment in any setting, period.

Charles did that really, really well without necessarily introducing a groundbreaking or innovative approach to “making coffee better”.

As the days and weeks have gone on, I have appreciated even more the refocusing that Charles gave us, as an industry, on what it takes to produce and present specialty coffee to the public, and how we do that successfully.

There’s not always a clear path for professional growth — organizations with recognizable corporate ladders are few and far between.

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When it’s unclear how to go from one role to another role, it can leave dissatisfaction among team members.First, let me say congratulations to Sasa Sestic from Australia, the 2015 World Barista Champion!He presented excellent coffee, along with interesting and unique ideas that can be further explored in coffee.Photo by Liz Clayton for In other words, all that “newness” didn’t result in dramatically better coffee, and proves that superb coffee can be made following readily accepted standards within our industry.This struck a particular chord with me, as I continually look around the coffee marketplace and see us “reinventing the wheel”.But despite not having to travel as far as Vienna, Bogota, or London, the trip was still a bit of a whirlwind for me personally, as I was responsible for coordinating all of the on-site judging activities in conjunction with all the things I normally do during a Specialty Coffee Association of America event, which this year's WBC was held in tandem with.Still decompressing even now, it took me a bit longer to process, and discern what, if any, takeaways I had from this year’s event.So let’s make sure we’re putting that into effect everywhere we can.So many of the conversations I had after our panel got me thinking that we don’t have very many avenues for general professional development as an industry.And as leaders, we can make sure we enforce those standards equally so that men and women both feel comfortable reporting things that make them uncomfortable.I think as an industry, we pride ourselves on being inclusive and caring.

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