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Collapsiblepanelextender prevents updating

You can use this control to display a fancier interface for uploading files. The standard file upload widget that you get with HTML is boring.

You can’t display a picture while a file is uploading.

You can handle this event to save the uploaded file: In order for this code to work, ASP.

A customer can use Seadragon to easily make the picture full screen.

In order to use the Seadragon control, you need to (1) Create the image (2) Add the Seadragon control to a page.

Click on the image of the bicycle that appears half-way down the page.

The Seadragon control displays a menu of buttons: When you click the plus or minus – buttons, you zoom in and out of the image.

This control is super useful for displaying interactive pictures of products.

For example, a customer can zoom in and zoom out of a picture of a shiny new laptop.You can also use your mouse to drag the image from side to side – you can stitch lots of images together to create a truly humongous image that you can drag through.And, if you click the image, you zoom in on the image.When you click the View Image Folder button, you will see the processed files. Copy the entire folder to your Visual Studio/Visual Web Developer project folder.The last step – and the easiest step – is to create an ASP. The following page contains an instance of the Seadragon control that displays the image of the Penguins.The control performs all of these fancy image effects using pure Java Script and it works with any modern web browser.You can try out Seadragon by visiting the following web page.When you launch Composer, the following dialog appears: Click the New Project button and call your new project anything that you like.After you create your project, Deep Zoom Composer displays the following three tabs at the top of the screen: In order to create a Seadragon compatible image, you need to import the image, compose the image, and export the image.NET page: place the Async File Upload control in an Update Panel.The Async File Upload control includes an event handler for the server-side Upload Complete event.

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