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(Buck Monson Photography) #361 - Midwestern promoter Joe Ringsdorf knows how to stir things up.You should have seen the first few laps of his Night of 1000 Stars at Hancock County (Iowa) Speedway on August 11, 2011.Boyd recalled, To this day I dont know why I did it. Hes really motoring this season, though, as both he and teammate, ultra-racy Ronnie Johnson, have visited the checkerboard.

This resulted in a fast rider being dubbed a Hot Shoe, and riders in general referred to as Shoes. The pretty 22-year-old Californian, second in USAC TQ national driver standings, switched to full-sized midgets for 1991.

On October 5, she got fast time in the USAC Western States Midget series event at El Cajon, setting a new track record of 15.75.

He calls this version the last of the cutdowns, and hes right that it has that old time, non-cookie cutter look.

Peter calculates that the entire project cost him under $200, and the fans sure are abuzz about it.

Yet they were infamous for growing small cracks, rendering them useless.

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Here, Reg tries the benediction route as he begins testing a block by pumping in high-pressure water.

Promoter Joe Ringsdorf had the stands to the west packed like kernels in the corn.

(Coastal 181 photo), is round the world with that camera of his.

(Coastal 181 Photo) #362 - The Queensland Family has polished its Deer Creek (MN) Speedway to quite the shine, and the multi-groove racing is a sight to behold.

How many people in those grandstands do you think even knew what was above and behind them when Jeff Buck Monson captured this image?

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