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François, astronome spécialisé dans l'étude du phénomène des trous noirs, rencontre Emma dans un aéroport.Il tombe aussitôt amoureux de cette jeune femme belle et fascinante. Mais au bout de quelques jours, François disparaît sans laisser de traces.

Emma is immediately attracted to Francois and he feels the same way about her; they impulsively head out to the country for a romantic weekend, and all is fine until Francois vanishes while taking a bike ride. The first time I saw a Godard movie I told myself I would never see another one...

Emma has no idea what's become of Francois and reports him missing before she returns to Paris, where she's helping a Japanese student of the paranormal (Momoko Fructus) find an apartment. but then I said myself I could not draw any conclusions by just one movie...

See full summary » Directors: Paolo Taviani, Vittorio Taviani Estelle Laborie is trading antiques.

When work becomes too hard for her she decides to retire on the estate of her parents in the Provence.

From smalltime hoodlums in the tough Belleville neighborhood to headline-grabbing robbers of the swankiest banks in Paris, for Simon and his gang, the only way was up. See full summary » Love draws a woman into unknown dimensions in this drama from France.

Emma (Clemence Poesy) is a real estate salesperson who is visiting an airport when she meets Francois (Gaspard Ulliel), a scientist doing research on black holes and similar interstellar phenomena.If it wasn't already bad enough, I couldn't find anything in the movie I could relate to (yes, you can call me crazy, I need things to relate to in a movie! Find all the articles related to your favorite celebs!When Jo turns up in Greece with her sons even though she knows that the festival she founded has been cancelled because of the recession...See full summary » Ostensible puppet master is an affable white-haired gentleman named Joseph Paskin casually approaches the sullen Pierre Blum outside a French casino. See full summary » Magloire starts running with no luggage and no future until he meets a dying man from whom he inherits a fortune.But she does not know that Pierre Severin and the...See full summary » Stars: Brigitte Fossey, Jacques Perrin, Pascale Rocard, Yvonne Sciò Dr Blanche's Clinic takes you to 1850s France to meet two of the greatest European psychiatrists in history. Stars: Adriana Asti, Jean-François Garreaud, Anne Jacquemin, Naël Marandin Twelve year old Edgar, nicknamed 'Sweetie' has one, all consuming passion: flowers and plants.Eric Forestier l'explique : "Je vois très bien d'où vient le film, d'où vient Emma.Mais si j'avais seulement mis en images le récit de ma relation avec une jeune femme dévorante, quel intérêt?In the flick, Gaspard plays the love interest for Melanie‘s character.Early reviews for the flick can be found at THR and Variety!

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