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The county has a rich intellectual history, and many writers of major importance, from Geoffrey Chaucer to Beatrix Potter, have connections there.

Quite a number of Prime Ministers were born or grew up in Hertfordshire.

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In the 19th century, rail links sprang up in the county, linking London to the north.Hertfordshire is an English county, founded in the Norse–Saxon wars of the 9th century, and developed through commerce serving London.It is a land-locked county that was several times the seat of Parliament.The massacre was to be a slaughter of the Norse in England, including women and children.One of those executed was Gunhilde, the sister of King Sweyn Forkbeard of Denmark. Forkbeard's assault on England lasted ten years, until 1013, when Æthelred fled to the continent.There is considerable evidence of a mint in Hertford at this period.Edward the Martyr (from 975 to 978), Æthelred the Unready (from 978 to 1016) and Knut the Great (from 1016 to 1035) all had coins struck there.Forkbeard was crowned King of England on Christmas Day, but only reigned for five weeks before dying.Æthelred returned briefly and unsuccessfully until 1016, at which time he was succeeded by Forkbeard's son Knut, who granted the Royal Manor of Hitchin to his second in command, Earl Tovi.Nevertheless, just south of present-day Ware and Hertford there is some evidence of an increase in the population, with typical round huts and farming activity having been found at a site called Foxholes Farm.In the Iron age, a Celtic tribe called the Catuvellauni occupied Hertfordshire.

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