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If you’ve done all the above, and your gut still tells you something isn’t right, then do what you must to hold your boundaries.

It’s possible that what you call flirting is really just normal, harmless social interaction.

Take your own pulse to be sure you aren’t showing signs of unreasonable possessiveness.

Take care of that and get as healthy as possible first. Guys tend to assume women are weak and whiney until proven otherwise.

Your condition merely makes an issue that ALREADY EXISTS somewhat more intense. Whether it's a reluctance to touch sand-paper or crippling pain that restricts normal movement, a guy will tend to think you're just being a wussy-girl.

They either write it off as a girl-thing or they have sympathy and patience.

So -- I think it's wrong for you to blame your acute CONDITION as the reason men run away.It's how you BEHAVE due to your condition that is the stick in the camel's back.If you were somehow strong and silent, guys may tend to hang around, because they would become unaware of your difficulty because you don't mention it.He seems to lavish his charm on someone new every time you go out.And it leaves you feeling wounded, confused, and even betrayed.= I'm not suggesting you hide your condition =I'm saying men react to what they see as a problem.If you don't appear to be struggling and complaining, they won't consider it an issue.Because the pain can get pretty bad sometimes ( to the point where i cant move and have to call 911). Just because you did something and it worked, doesnt mean that is the same for every woman with endometriosis. Im simply asking whether i should tell guys first, or if i should wait.Or should i keep it a secret until we're closer and more connected? Suggesting that i feel this way because im unhealthy is rather offensive and not at all what i was asking. I have a good friend who also has endo, and she is (relatively) happily married.Here’s the problem: You’ve moved past mere dating into a promising new relationship with someone you hope could be the one. Doubt has crept in to make you wonder if all that flirting is a sign that your new romance is not as solid as you thought.Chances are, the two of you met in the first place because of some sizzling — and probably mutual — flirting. Maybe you didn’t notice then that your new lover has a habit of flirting with everyone. She flirts with the waiter or the valet parking attendant.

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  • Chronic Pain. Dealbreaker? Free Dating,

    Remember that we are the largest free online dating. if your chronic pain means "no sex," then you'll probably get a lot of guys mad at you if you date them.…