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Although he was married and a father for much of his life, he did get divorced a few years before he died, so when I heard he was "mentoring" David Muir late in life I believed it - much like Leonard Bernstein became exclusively gay later in life. The Big Apple gets all the HOT reporters and we get to keep the uglies, BOO!BTW, I don't think Muir is a DQ either - a handsome man, but that horseface would have him looking like Princess Anne if he were in drag! But Jesseboy, YOU got the Charles Perez "scandal" !Lee has always been blonde, R182 - haven't you seen our promos starring his mother, with all his baby pictures and early videos? Also saw her doing a report the other day that had absolutely nothing to do with weather (I think it was about cellphones). Were all the other reporters too busy or is she trying to get away from doing weather? Ken WAS a priest, R200 - he's no longer attached to the regular Catholic Church, but has retained his ordination at some small sect that isn't as strict about things.

Trump shared his thoughts on the topic early Wednesday morning on Twitter, calling the idea "almost as bad as kneeling!

When will the highly paid Commissioner finally get tough and smart?

Kind of shocked that he repackaged himself as a straight weatherman years later. Greg Kelly got in a lil dig at Mike Woods on air recently. Greg semi-yelled, "Yes, yes, we've all seen your muscles! I've been reading this thread with interest and gotten a lot of laughs from it.

Mike was live outside MSG wearing a long-sleeved Rangers jersey. I know a lot about the men mentioned, but have to be careful I don't respond or I'll blow my cover.

I must confess he's a guilty pleasure of mine - I love watching him on the WNBC cable station in the mornings, esp. The gray jeans he wore Monday were so tight, you could see not only the outline of his wallet in his right front pocket, but the outline of his cock as it hung to the right. WABC Insider, I once heard the rumor that Peter Jennings did drag and his drag name was "Jennifer Peters." I assume that was just an unsubstantiated rumor, right? R61 - I actually knew Peter Jennings slightly and there was no way he was ever a cross-dresser.

If not, maybe Peter Jennings and David Muir have something in common? In fact, he even hated wearing makeup to go on the air.

There are 2 out gay men on the list: Mike Woods Brett Larson(both of whom work for Fox 5 - so much for Right-wing Rupert Murdoch!

)Lonnie Quinn may be married, but he's gay too Chris Wragge claims to be straight, but there are DLers who claim he's a dragge queen (along with Miss Quinn)and Tom Llamas the jury is still out on - does anyone from Miami know if he's queer?

")[quote]Jim Watkins and Rob Hoell both look very tall and I'm guess EVERYTHING is in proportion.

Yes, they are both over 6'4", and word has it they enjoy playing one-on-one (but nowhere near a basketball hoop).

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