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Sarah Crocker, portrayed by Naomie Thompson, was a teacher at Weatherfield High.Sally Webster (Sally Dynevor) went to Weatherfield High for a parent meeting with Ms.This resulted in Candice to stay at the flat above Audrey's Salon.

Bethany mentioned to Sarah that Brenda is now working, and that her mental state is improving.

Beverly Frances "Bev" Unwin (née Baker) is played by Susie Blake.

When salon owner Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) came in, looking for her purse, she discovered what Gerry was like and threatened that if he were to come near Candice again, she would call the police. Brenda Fearns is the mother of the late Neil Fearns (Paul Holowaty), father of Bethany Platt (Amy and Emily Walton).

In September 2003, when Neil had died in a car crash, Sarah took Bethany to his funeral so she can give her information about her father once she is older.

Gerry Burton, portrayed by regular cast member Mark Chatterton, was Candice Stowe's (Nikki Sanderson) mother's perverted boyfriend.

He started to sexually harass her daughter, but whenever Candice told her mother what was going on, Marion didn't believe her.This angered Sarah and Brenda told her that she shouldn't "go dumping her kid" so she can just have a boyfriend, making her and Todd angrily throw Brenda out.However, Sarah later let Brenda back in after she started crying at the thought of her first Christmas without Neil.Sarah and Todd decided to stay in their flat to avoid being separated.In December, concerns started to rise when Sarah allowed Bethany to stay with Brenda overnight but was late bringing her home, upsetting Sarah and making her and Todd call the police.When Brenda finally returned, Sarah shouted at her and told her to stay away from her daughter.Brenda returned later to return Bethany's favourite baby doll and lambasted Todd for being a father figure while Neil disapprovingly looked down at the sight of his little girl with another man, like her father.Prior to her arrival on the Street, Bev had owned a pub with her husband, until he died.Bev has two daughters Shelley (Sally Lindsay) and Sharon Unwin, who dies in March 2003.Rosie looked on in horror as her mother yelled at Ms.Crocker, and expressed her embarrassment to her mother at home.

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