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Choose online dating username

Trust me, a little bit of wit and originality will go a long way.

In my experience, Nice Guys don’t need to constantly tell you how nice they are.

Generally the ones who constantly harp about what a “nice guy” they are tend to be the same dudes who are whining about how the girls they like always “friendzone” them. Using the phrase “Nice Guy” in your profile name will get you nowhere with me.

These are the names that OK Cupid throws out when your preferred user name is taken.

To me, that just seems too dull and I wonder if you put any thought at all into creating your profile.

For the millions of women who are not lucky enough to encounter Mr. Right on the street or in their social circles, online dating is the go-to.

We use all sorts of online resources to find the best flight or restaurants, so why not put in the work to find something more important: love?

And when those phrases pop up in someone’s user name, I’m instantly running for the hills.

The chief phrase is the dreaded, “But I’m a nice guy”.

So if I see a user name that is sexually explicit, I tend to skip over that profile. If you are a bit of a geek, it definitely pays to use a funny or pun-tastic user name.

Using sexual terminology in your username gives the impression that you’re looking for a hook up. Not only will it attract like-minded people, but it will draw in more potential matches than if you just used some generic user name.

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  • How to choose a good username on OkCupid to meet girls.

    Maybe a reference to your favorite artist or hobby. Stuff like that. Also keep away from words and phrases that could be misinterpreted. For instance “killer.” Online dating is not necessarily a safe activity, especially for women. If you put the word “killer” in your username, even innocently like “lady killer” to mean you're a real.…