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Learn to give her complements, she will really open up to it.

It doesn't matter how many times you've said it before, keep telling her how lovely her lips are, how beautiful her eyes are etc.

After a grilling by not one but four security staff at the hotel, all becomes clear – Justin Bieber is in the house.

Normally I just have a bath – I love baths – get my comfies on and order a takeaway. So it’s nice to come home to where we both live and just do normal things! I felt really nervous, really under pressure and also because I felt like people thought I’d made a mistake leaving Corrie. Revlon nail enamel was the first beauty product I ever bought with my babysitting money.

In this way (likening it to the man), the man is easily aroused sexually the moment his eyes are turned on by his wife’s appealing appearance, therefore, he wants to have intercourse just to satisfy that immediate feeling.

In other words, he doesn't need much encouragement to want to have sex; he is easily aroused by the sensory waves that his eyes send to his brain by just looking at his wife. When you turn on an electric iron, it doesn't get hot immediately - it takes a while to become hot, and the heat level usually increases with time until it is fully hot.

I was on a photoshoot with Lipsy out there recently – I’ve just signed a new contract with them – and now I’m preparing to start my new drama, Our Girl, which is filmed in South Africa too. People always ask me: ‘How will you cope when you’re away? I’m a latecomer to the whole streaming thing though – I only just started watching Netflix last week. You must be fed up with people asking when you’re going to have kids? And obviously I’d love to have kids, but at the minute I’m just concentrating on this. I was going every day before I got married, but I’m one of those people who doesn’t enjoy working out. Yes, and this year it’s been manic again but for totally different reasons. The run-up to the wedding was so chaotic and then afterwards we couldn’t believe we were both so busy. I’m enjoying this bit of my life and doing what I love to do. It’s not a goal as such, but I just want to nail my new drama.

And then Mark just happened to put a picture up of himself on Instagram and people said: ‘Mark’s depressed because Michelle’s gone away for six months! In fact he’s just sent me pictures of him and my dogs – I’ve left him in charge of them today! Of course, it’s the question everybody asks after you’re married, I know that. Maybe when it is nearly summer I’ll start to go again, but I like to enjoy myself too much. You both had such a whirlwind year last year with the wedding… I’m married and I’ve been living in Essex for 18 months now.

Sex amongst married couples has always been a hot topic; at least 95% of cases shows that the man wants it most of the time but the woman want it less of the time.

Unfortunately, many men do not understand why their wives are lacklustre when it comes to sex.

and you will find that the door will always be open to you.

Tell her about how you felt after the last time you had sex and what you liked best about it. Show concern: Your wife loves to tell you all about her day and you must really love to listen to her and be prepared to talk about yours as well.

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