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We offer some faster frequency memory that is utilized best when we do our performance enhancements for speed-freaks and benchmark junkies, but for every day computer users, the difference in memory frequency can only be felt in the wallet.Your computer's hard drive is more than just a place to store digital stuff.Intel's Core™ i3 and i5 processors bring tremendous performance for the dollar and offer good performance for those seeking a computer used mainly for internet browsing, moderately-intensive applications and some gaming.

The "best of the best" home computer or home office computer experience can be found with our Super Stock configurations.

You will not deal with less competitors or less challenges if you keep delaying your dream.

Do not run head initially into something that you're not prepared to...

It's better to upgrade to 8GB of RAM before you upgrade to a faster CPU.

Also, for most consumers, quantity is better than speed.

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