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The fat is more digestible than animal fats.” Avocado is also known as the “alligator pear” because of the rough skin on some varieties.

In the 17th and 18th centuries the fruit was also commonly known as “butter pear.” In tropical Central America, avocado trees have been growing wild for thousands of years, providing natives with a rich food. Marauding Spanish armies changed this to abocado or avocado, the now common English name.

Imagine the ecological implications--a perfectly healthful “meaty” food which requires 1/200th or less of the acreage needed by the cattle industry for a comparable yield in pounds, posing no pollution problems--and no carnage! --eat raw avocados, seeds and nuts and stay sane and mentally keen!

Avocados are bursting with nutrients--vitamins, A, B-complex, C, E, H, K, and folic acid, plus the minerals magnesium, copper, iron, calcium, potassium and many other trace elements.

For those concerned about eliminating meat from their diet, this offers not merely a “substitute,” but a food which is much superior in value for human maintenance.

It is rich in protein and fat and comparatively higher than any other fruits in these elements.

Cooked foods such as bread, pasta, meat, dairy and junk foods are the villains that can keep an avocado eater from losing excess fat.

If your goal is to reduce your consumption or transition completely off of meat and dairy, avocado may be the perfect way to satisfy your natural cravings for creamy nourishment. William Esser writes in his Dictionary of Natural Foods: “ The avocado is one of the most valuable foods which nature has given man.

There are wide differences in the flavors of individual avocados, ranging from salty, to nutty, to sweet, with shades in between.

If a fruit has been picked too early it may be watery and unpalatable.

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