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Celebs dating hockey players

Stepping out for a very public post-Valentine’s Day stroll, Hough, 25, has moved on from former flame, Ari Sandel, her first serious public relationship since her split with Ryan Seacrest, whom she dated for nearly three years. #onelove.” Hough also tweeted a Valentine’s message, but there’s no word yet on whether or not the two spent the holiday together. The King prefers blondes, one being Arrow 's Cassidy.

Either way you cut it, the guys on this list hit the proverbial spousal jackpot.

After a year of dating and cheering her on at various tournaments (here they are at Wimbledon), the boisterous Capitals superstar tweeted on New Year's Eve that he was engaged to Kirilenko, the 14th-ranked women's tennis player in the world.

Kelly, at the time a reigning women's wrestling champion, was seen planting a smooch on the Anaheim Ducks defenseman (then with the Dallas Stars) at ringside during an August 2011 WWE Summer Slam event in Los Angeles and the two became a well-known item.

Making her television debut in 2006 on Canadian reality show where she bears all on her relationship with Prust and the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship as he follows his career around the world.

Prust and Morin got engaged in Italy in 2015, and nuptials are reportedly coming soon.

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