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Carole real housewives of new york dating

because she's rejecting a plea deal offer from prosecutors.

The 'Real Housewives of NY' star's attorney was in court Wednesday morning for a hearing on her drunk and disorderly arrest in Palm Beach on Christmas Eve. Rejecting the deal is a pretty bold move on Luann's part.

His shy demeanor, his smile, and his quiet confidence intrigued me immediately. We're almost soulmates," Mortimer wrote on her blog. Scott's company, Coupon, has endless promo codes for all the major brands I love, so how could this possibly be wrong? Reps for Mortimer and Kluth did not return a Tribune request for comment.

Mortimer, 41, was shown on a boozy first date with Kluth on an episode that aired earlier this month, and they continued the date in Miami for four more days, Mortimer revealed on her Bravo blog this week.

Kluth sent post-date flowers to the Mexican villa she shared with her castmates on Wednesday's episode."Does anyone out there believe in love at first sight?!

The relationship seems to be faring better than Mortimer's prior relationship.

She was arrested on a trespassing charge last year outside the Florida home of her ex-boyfriend.

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