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What happened next struck like forked lightning.“The day after Saeed arrived I talked to him around noon and everything was fine,” Maryam says. She’d been calling and calling him and there was no answer.”The answer came shortly before midnight.“Five huge guys came to mom’s house without any ID or authorization.Days were a mellow round of work, swimming, tennis and hanging out in the city. 4, 2008, when her brother, Canadian resident Saeed Malekpour, vanished into a dark vortex that would drag Maryam down into its depths and alter her life forever.

For 320 days, he was kept in solitary confinement — considered a form of psychological torture — and denied medical attention.

Still his tormentors persisted, hoping to get the admission that would publicly humiliate Saeed, convict him and ensure his execution as a warning to others who viewed “immoral” or political websites.

Iran’s security forces viewed the Internet, and especially social media, as morally and politically subversive, and were building a squad of cyber police to counter them.

They also looked on émigrés as traitors who were working with foreign agents against the clerical regime. Awaiting Canadian citizenship, he was taking advantage of his stellar computer skills to support himself as a freelance computer programmer while preparing to take a postgraduate degree in engineering at University of Victoria in B. He prided himself on developing algorithms and writing codes that he would sell to clients.

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Although this site targets the Persian community at this point in time, anyone can benefit by signing up and joining the action!Saeed’s arrival — although weighted with sadness — was a relief for Maryam.In his absence, she was the mainstay of the family, keeping up her mother’s spirits and holding the grieving family together.They went straight to the bedroom and took away everything of Saeed’s.They took his laptop, even some vitamins he brought for mom.”The men refused to answer questions, but said Saeed was “in a good place.” Then they left the house.Kahrizak Foundation of Canada: A registered Canadian charitable organization dedicated to raising funds in order to support MS patients, elderly and disabled individuals in the care of Kahrizak Foundation of Iran.Maple Match makes it easy for American singles to find the ideal Canadian partner to save them from the unfahtomable horror of the Trump presidency. He left Iran to keep on studying and get his Ph D and find a good job in Canada.”What Maryam didn’t know was that Saeed was caught in a web of intrigue spun by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, to trap, punish and repress the growing cohort of Internet users.It was a time of mounting tension leading up to the 2009 re-election of hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — and the “Green Revolution” protests that would see thousands arrested and dozens killed.If a woman in Iran can have it all, Maryam Malekpour came close.At 27, the striking, dark-haired mechanical engineer had a university degree, a reliable job at a Tehran oil and gas company, a husband, a devoted family and a lively circle of friends.

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