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This explains in part the country’s the high infant mortality rate.Right to water Access to potable water is a very serious problem in Cambodia that affects rural zones in particular.

An Australian man in Cambodia has been arrested and charged for allegedly locking up his girlfriend, her younger sister and her niece and then demanding sex.

James Bernard King, 69, was arrested on December 28 in the coastal town of Sihanoukville, the Cambodian National Police said in a media statement.

Also, children combine work and school and so can’t study in good conditions.

Child Labour Labor is an everyday reality for around 45% of children age 5 to 14 in Cambodia.

These children are often confronted with the sex and drug trades.

Others must provide unsafe and dangerous labor in salterns, factories, or for the booming construction industries.Right to education Currently, more than 10% of Cambodian children do not go to school.Access to education for young girls is even more restricted since only 20% of them go to a secondary school.For example, half of anti-personnel mine victims are children.More than three quarters of births take place in the mother’s house in Cambodia.Even if the education rate has improved in the past few years, the conditions of education are deplorable.The material and hygiene in schools is largely inadequate.Often, they don’t have pediatric services so children are exposed to all the infections and illnesses present in the hospital.Children’s health is equally affected by the consequences of Cambodia’s recent conflict.For over 13 years, APLE Cambodia has been best known for its ground-breaking support to help national police track down international child sex offenders, especially following up suspects by surveillance … man has been arrested on suspicion of purchasing child prostitution after anti-human trafficking police raided his apartment in Phnom Penh’s Chamkar Mon district on Thursday afternoon, according to ...Siem Reap: On 17 January 2018, Siem Reap provincial court pronounced a verdict against a 79-year-old American child sex offender John Paul Zollbrecht and his Cambodian accomplice, Nheb Sophorn, 23, ...

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