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Her 1968 marriage to Stokely Carmichael of the Black Panther Party was not well received in the US, and she moved to Guinea, where she wrote and performed music more explicitly critical of apartheid.

Associated with genres including afropop, jazz, and world music, she began singing professionally in the 1950s.

She had a brief role in the anti-apartheid film Come Back, Africa (1959), which led to performances in Venice, London, and New York City.

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Here's why Nicaragua belongs on your list for 2015 and beyond.

Founded in the 1500s by Spanish conquerors, Granada is a treasure box of charm at the foot of a volcano.

From the moment we greet you at the airport in Nicaragua until we send you off in style, our lively staff is committed to making sure that your journey is both amazing and unforgettable!

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Travel experts say Nicaragua will rise to become a hotspot in 2015; it is, after all, home to Granada, aka the "Paris of Central America." At the same time, though, Nicaragua remains delightfully undiscovered.

It's brimming with wellness retreats to kick back at, and the whole country is so zen, it feels like it's "swinging in a hammock." And when you consider the food, people and insane nature, this place is truly epic.

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