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Boudicca Rising and her partner Tony Jenkins have spent the last two years working with the Met Police to track down the 'psychopath' responsible for the mutilation and murder of hundreds of cats, rabbits and foxes THE WOMAN helping police hunt for the "psychopath" responsible for the slaughter of more than 300 cats has vowed not to give up until he is caught.Boudicca Rising, 46, is working with a specialist team from the Met Police as they hunt the person who has been killing hundreds of pets from the Isle of Wight to Sheffield.Here, vet Dr Alexander Stoll looks at SNARL's backload of almost 250 preserved victims.

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Many of the headless corpses have been dumped beneath the owners' bedroom windows.

Boudicca and her partner Tony Jenkins, 53, are the founders of SNARL, South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty, and have spent the last two years travelling the UK picking up dead animals' bodies and meeting their distraught owners. "We are getting calls for everything at the moment.

"One girl's cat had gone missing and she came home and found its tail neatly laid out waiting for her behind her gate.

"They never found the rest of the cat." Soon they realised that the murders weren't only happening in Addiscombe, and were sent a photo of a cat who had been found dead with a tail and a back leg missing in neighbouring Bywood.

They are desperately attempting to gather enough evidence to cage the killer - as the police believe there is just one person behind the crimes. We try to rule out false alarms on the phone, for instance an animal that's been killed in a road traffic accident, gunshots or by a predator, but we are seeing four or five cases a week.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Boudicca said: "We aren't stopping until we catch him. "We've had pet rabbits taken out of hutches in gardens and killed. "It seems to be mainly cats, but foxes are being killed, too.

If you see someone behaving oddly around a cat, try and get a good description and a registration number.

If you see someone actively hurting or kidnapping a cat, call 999 - and in London and Surrey that will get you a 999 response.

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