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Cosma e Damiano”, Riace (Reggio Calabria) Complete restoration of “a secco” paintings by Zimatore Grillo (dated 1914) 2005 Director of restoration site: Istituto Geografico Militare, Florence Cleaning, consolidation, and retouching of a “fresco secco” painting from the seventeenth century depicting the Natività.May-June 2005 Director of restoration site: Palazzo dei Duchi d’Acquaviva – ATRI – Pescara (Abruzzo) Complete restoration including the reconstruction of 80 % of the “arriccio” of a sixteenth-century fresco depicting the Natività 2004 Director of restoration site: Palazzo Galletti, via di Sant’Egidio, Florence Cleaning, consolidation, and retouching of a nineteenth-century “fresco secco” landscape painting Restorer: Church Sacro Cuore in Ponte a Egola, Florence Discovery and restoration of the vault in the apse and transept decorated with the “fresco secco” technique 2003 Restorer: Eleventh-century parish church of San Leonardo in Cerreto Guidi, Florence Discovery and complete restoration of an eighteenth-century decoration Restorer, Director of operations: Church of Saints Jacob and Lucy called San Domenico Conservation and retouching of faux marble decoration Restorer: Parish of San Miniato Basso (Pisa) Discovery and complete restoration of eighteenth-century frescoes and altars in faux marble 2002 – Restorer: Cathedral of San Miniato Complete restoration of faux marble and stucco in three chapels, the aisle, the portico, and the transept dating from the eighteenth century 2001 Restorer: Church of San Martino , Palaia (Pisa) Restoration of a neoclassico altar in stucco and faux marble Restorer: Collegiata di Santa Maria a Monte (Pisa) Complete restoration of three frescoes by Luigi Ademolli (XVIII century) in the vault of the apse • Marzo 2013 Decorations of the rooms on the first floor of the Renaissance Palazzo Giugni.Sold at auction to benefit the Meyer Hospital in Florence • August, September 2005, Parish of Saint Michael di Staffoli (Pisa).

(Borgo Pinti, Santa Croce Florence) 2015 Director of Restoration: Palazzo Guadagni – Florence – Restoration of a nineteenth-century painting at Biblioteca Thovar, the ground floor of Palazzo Guadagni.

How is a famous painting like the Venere by Botticelli or the Monnalisa by Leonardo made?

All this information has been handed down to us thanks to the meticulous work of historians and artist-writers, and now, thanks to the technology of restoration, we are able to evaluate the results and appreciate them even more.

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