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His recent book is entitled Adolescent Risk Behaviors: Why teens experiment and strategies to keep them safe (with P. Ittleson Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Delivery of Childrens Services and the Promotion of Childrens Mental Health from the American Orthopsychiatric Association.

Brain disorders are a big issue that will continue to get bigger.

Individuals with brain disorders represent a large and growing population, which will increase as our population continues to age.

Please read the LEAF application and guidelines carefully and contact us if you have any questions at 4, ext. The purpose of the Member Group LEAF is to provide financial support to OFCP Member Groups in Ontario for activities which directly improve the quality of life and well being of persons with cerebral palsy.

Member Group LEAF Application and OFCP is pleased to share the final report of Brain Disorders in Ontario: Prevalence, Incidence, and Costs from Health Administrative Data.

Although those included in this report are only a subset of the hundreds of brain disorders, they represent many of the most common and impactful disorders affecting the healthcare system and society.

There are many conditions missing, including highly prevalent disorders such as autism, depression, and addiction, but over time methods will be developed to measure these as well.

Health administrative data can be used for disease surveillance.

The methods used in this report to measure prevalence, incidence, and cost provide several advantages over survey or other self-report data sets: the large number of individuals contained in the data holdings improves precision and generalizability of estimates, and the longitudinal aspect of the data allows the examination of time trends in data.

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