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Bsd pkgupdating file

It is also unable to handle dependencies automatically, as in this example.

Free BSD’s response has always been, (not actual quote), “We have the ports collection, which is cooler and more flexible than just having some easy to use package manager.

You can always do it yourself by writing scripts around the pkg_* tools or using portmaster’s –packages-only option”.

This beta server is not kept as upto date as the live repos but it will start you on your way.

You could also setup your own package repository which can be used by pkgng, for this you could use poudrier or tinderbox

To get pkgng working you must first configure a PACKAGESITE in /usr/local/etc/pkg.conf, or you will get an error like this: In the near future this value will be set automatically.

If you want to test upgrading packages you might want to start with PACKAGESITE defined to and then change it to the above when you want to test upgrades.

The original /var/db/pkg directory is backed up by pkg2ng to /var/db/

When you make install a new port, the Free BSD ports system will register the newly installed port with pkg_*.

To make the ports instead register with pkg you need to make an add WITH_PKGNG=yes to This is one of the reasons why you cannot use pkgng with the official mirrors yet, this package ‘repo.txz’ and therefore the file ‘repo.sqlite’ does not exist yet.

Assuming you have PACKAGESITE setup as described in the section or set to a similar package site, maybe your own?

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